Fundraising appeal for World Vision

Fundraising appeal letter envelope front

Grabbing the reader's attention starts with the outer envelope.

A strong image and intriguing teaser copy will accomplish the goal—to compel the reader to open the envelope.

Fundraising appeal letter envelop back

Does the back of the envelope matter?
Of course.

That's valuable real estate back there, which can help to re-emphasize the message.

Here, the story from the front continues, inciting the reader's curiosity—which can only be satisfied by opening the envelope.

fundraising appeal letter front

If the reader has opened the envelope, you've probably got their attention.

But you can lose it quickly if you bore them. A strong headline keeps them reading.


A good direct response letter is sincere, heartfelt, and written simply. It may begin with a story—or, as in this case, a lesson from the Scriptures.


We're all drawn to stories. Want to engage a reader? Tell them a good story.

"I want to donate—but how much should I give?" Don't leave them guessing! The response device on a fundraising appeal should always include dollar handles—usually based on past giving patterns.

fundraising appeal letter back


The reader may be captivated by your powerful letter, but won't automatically know how to respond. You must tell them! A clear call to action is essential.

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