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I offer a wide array of writing services, as you can see.

Below is a partial list, including fees and terms.

If you don't see what you need, get ahold of me and let's discuss it (I write lots of things not listed here).

Together we can do great things.


Fundraising Appeal Letters

If you have a nonprofit organization, you need financial support. And the best way to generate that is through old-fashioned appeal letters. They work—provided you structure them properly and hit the right notes.

You also must know your donors, and what motivates them. I've helped a number of Christian organizations reach and expand their donor bases. I can do it for yours, too.

From $1,000

Here's a sample appeal letter.


Everyone has a story to tell. But some don't know how to tell it; others don't have the time. That's when the services of a ghostwriter are invaluable. Whether your project is a memoir or a speech for the chamber of commerce, I can help you tell your story and get it out to the world.

Read more about ghostwriting services

Book Proposals

If you want to present your book to agents and publishers you need a book proposal. It will include a synopsis, your bio, a market analysis comparing it with other books in the same genre, a marketing plan (yes,you'll need to market it yourself!), and some sample chapters. I can handle it all for you.

From $1,500

Read more about book proposals

Sales Letters

How do you move a prospect from skepticism to action? It's all in the architecture of the sales letter.

You have a valuable product or service. But it's not enough to describe it. You need to show your prospects why they absolutely can't live without it.

That means highlighting the benefits, touching your prospects on an emotional level, and then calling them to action.

A great sales letter does all that.

From $1,000


Direct Mail Packages

The letter is only one part of a direct mail package. The outer envelope, response device and reply envelope are all critical components that play their own important roles. They can make the difference between success and failure.

You may also want to include an insert such as a buckslip, lift note or brochure to enhance your packageís effectiveness. Iíll write the copy for all of it, and work with other professionals to make sure itís as powerful as possible—and then get it out to the right people.

From $2,000

Here's a sample direct mail package

Web Copy

If you have a commercial website, it should provide valuable content that engages visitors, meets their immediate needs—and ultimately compels them to act. Every page should lead to that goal.

How well is your current website performing that task? I can help you turn visitors into customers.

From $250 per page, sales/landing pages from $450

View web copy samples here, here, and here.


Newsletters are a great way to convey useful information to your prospects—and keep them in your orbit. They'll appreciate hearing from you every month, even if they don't read the whole thing every time.

The trick is to combine real, valuable content with some fun features to make it appealing. That will keep them reading, and establish you as their go-to source when they need you.

An e-newsletter accomplishes the same thing with zero printing and mailing costs. It's a smart way to stay in front of your target audience.

From $900, e-newsletters from $450

Here's a sample business newsletter. And here's one for a nonprofit.

B2B Copy

Chances are, your prospective customers already understand your niche. They may even know about your product or service. But they also know your competition. So, what are the benefits that they can only gain by doing business with you? Focus on that. Good B2B copy will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Here's a sample of B2B copy

Business Proposals

When you walk into a meeting with a corporate board or CEO, you need a thorough, well-composed proposal in your hands. That requires research, but also the ability to form the raw material into a coherent, compelling narrative. It should anticipate all their questions and show them the specific benefits they'll enjoy.

It starts with an executive summary—so the busy CEO doesn't have to plod through the whole document. Then, a background section describing the problem and what you intend to do about it; then the meat of your proposal, with a detailed description of your unique solutions. It concludes with a look at your resources, staffing, and of course, a proposed budget.

From $2,000

Here's a sample business proposal

Reports/White Papers

Do you have a new product, an innovative idea, or a unique sphere of knowledge? Issuing a free report or white paper can be a great way to promote your business without a hard-sell approach.

You'll display your expertise and establish an authoritative voice within your field. Your target prospects will naturally turn to you when it's time to act.

You can present your white paper to prospects in person, or offer it as a premium in emails, web campaigns, and even direct mail.

From $2,000



Your brochure conveys more than the words on the page. It presents your company's image to prospective customers—and often provides their first impression of you. It's worth taking extra care to make it sparkle.

When it's done, you'll have a valuable, portable promotional tool that you can hand to people, send in the mail, email, and upload to your website.

From $800

Here's a sample brochure

Feature articles

I write for national and regional publications on topics as diverse as earthquake science, tax policy, wildlife management, and community redevelopment. Music, travel, business, people — no subject is too daunting or obscure.

You'll find several samples of feature articles here.


You could review your own writing a hundred times, and still miss obvious errors. (I know this from experience!) There's no substitute for a fresh pair of eyes to clean up a piece of writing. I've served as a freelance editor for several major publishers and a nationwide corporation. I can provide the same service for you.


And More ...

  • Email campaigns—From $400
  • Press Releases—From $250
  • Executive, artist or author bios—From $250
  • Book jacket copy—From $250

Ask me about social media campaigns, PowerPoint presentations, training manuals, video scripts, display ads ...

Whatever your project is, I'll treat it with care and professionalism.


For projects up to $250 payment is due on completion.
Those over $250 require a 50% deposit, balance on completion.


I'll provide two free copy revisions at your request.

Turnaround Time

Once we agree on a deadline, Iíll meet it—barring a natural disaster, illness, or my early demise.

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