Bill Ireland

In high school, my favorite class was creative writing.

I can still remember the day of our final exam. Miss Okimura said, "Write whatever you want!" So I put my head down and went to sleep. Then I woke up ten minutes before the class ended and wrote down what I had dreamed.

I got an A.

That pretty much sold me on being a writer. But I had to go through many incarnations before it would become my livelihood.

I worked as a truck driver, a farm laborer, a carnival barker, a traveling salesman, a leather craftsman, a sign painter, an upholstery repairman, and a Realtor. It all contributed to the broad life experience that informs my writing to this day.

My first paid writing gig came in the early '90s, when I began writing a humor column for my local newspaper. The fee? $25 per column.

I was on my way!

Down to Business

I started writing feature articles for national and regional publications. Then I found a niche writing copy for businesses, large and small.

My projects have included web copy, brochures, B2B, B2C, blog posts, email campaigns, sales letters, press releases, white papers, e-books, newsletters, corporate communications, business proposals, reports, and other stuff I can barely remember.


Gifford Claiborne

I had already been a writer for several years when I began working with my old friend, fundraising expert Gifford Claiborne.

Giff showed me the elements of a good appeal letter—what works, what doesn't, and the little things that make a big difference. (Example: When writing for missions that serve the poor, remember that donors respond to the word hungry more than homeless. In fact, hungry outpulls homeless by four to one!)

Now I use that specialized skill to write appeal letters for worldwide organizations, local missions, and top ad agencies. I've watched their response rates rise, as well as average gift amounts. Several of my appeal letters have became control packages for the nonprofits I serve. Achievements like that make it all worthwhile.

Being a Ghost

Why Can't I Get It Right?Several years ago my friend Roger Seymour asked if I'd like to ghostwrite a book with him. I said yes, and was soon immersed in a project that I found surprisingly rewarding.

That book, Why Can't I Get It Right?, is now published and available at Amazon.com.


I discovered that ghostwriting is a vital service that's in demand—and that I seemed to have a knack for it. Since then I've ghostwritten or edited several books, which have been published and even won awards.


A Grandmother's PrayerHere's one of my recent projects, written with legendary Christian artist/songwriter/producer Chris Christian. It's a memoir of his extraordinary life in music—and his interactions with such figures as Amy Grant, B.J. Thomas, Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton, Olivia Newton-John, and even Howard Hughes.

It's available now.


As you see, ghostwriting can be great fun!



Oh yes, I also write songs, poems, essays, screenplays, and notes to my wife.

Beyond my writing work, I enjoy making music in various settings, and co-leading a network of house churches.

I live in southern California with my beautiful wife and favorite editor, Ileana.


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